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Chemical Safety – COSHH

Chemical Safety – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Training

If your Company works with chemicals substances then you have a duty to provide your employee with the necessary training so that they will be able to recognise chemical hazards and take appropriate action. Our COSHH training course will equip your employees with an understanding of how substances can harm health. The course will cover labelling and storage and also storage and use of PPE

1 hour

Who should do this course?

Any employee who might be exposed to hazardous chemical while at work

What will the participant learn?

  • The Types of hazardous chemicals and how they can cause harm
  • Chemical labels and what they mean
  • Control measures for chemical hazards and why they should be implemented
  • Safety Data Sheets and where to find the relevant information

How does it work?

The student completes a series of online modules. At the end of each module there is an online test. There is a requirement to achieve a certain % in order to pass the exam. The Course can be retaken until the learner passes

Active monitoring and tailoring

This course can be tailored to detail the exact chemicals that a company uses (group bookings only, please contact us for further information)