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Cillian O'Connor
Cillian O'Connor
The course details, we're layer out in a very practical manner, easy to read and understand,
Jordi Casamiquela
Jordi Casamiquela
Good price, really easy method, good information. You really learn the content. Thank you
Rehoboth Yoosuf
Rehoboth Yoosuf
The programme was very informative and engaging. The site is very easy to use and I'm glad I signed up and got my certificate
The Caterers
The Caterers
We use MyeLearnsafety for our teams online training. Cormac & the team are very helpful & any issues that I have come across have been fixed within an hour. Many thanks again.
Kevin Fitzpatrick
Kevin Fitzpatrick
A good comprhensive course that covers all the relevant materials for HACCP.
Fran O'Keeffe
Fran O'Keeffe
Very good course staff were brilliant if you ran into any problems would recommend is a training organisation which provide online safety courses . Are you an employer and you have a project of training, refresher, professionalisation of your employees? Or are you an individual with a professional project, looking for a new direction, wishing to acquire new skills or consolidate older ones? have a solution for you.

Our vision

myeLearnsafety’s vision is to create a world where everyone is safe at work by providing high quality safety training courses.

Our mission

The world is online and elearning is the future. Our award winning platform allows us to bring the world, our training & expertise in a fun and engaging way. Program development and delivery is driven by our customer service values where we believe the learner should be able to engage in the learning process however and wherever they want. Our staff are highly trained and receive ongoing CPD.

Safety is not just for the workplace. Safety is part of everyday life. With knowledge in the hands of our learners, available 24/7, retention is maximised. Safety skills are life skills, from first aid to food safety, these skills improve the quality of life not  only in the workplace but at home and in the community. will be there for you at the touch of a button.

Our core values

  • Continuous self-improvement – Our trainers are members of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health and we are committed to continuous professional development.
  • Integrity & reliability – Our courses are written by content experts
  • Ingenuity – We are constantly improving your elearning experinece
  • Dedication – We will be with you every step of your elearning journey
  • Flexibility – We offer a range of training solutions to suit the varied needs of organisations
  • Customer focus – We listen to what our customers want and design training to suit their needs

Our resources

We are dedicated to providing our clients top quality training in all our subjects. We do this in many ways, we utilise our diverse range of expertise in many subject areas to address any issues your company may have. We draw upon our vast knowledge of these subjects to teach you practical and useful information to develop your own occupational health plan.



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