Safety Training

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IOSH Working Safely

Working Safely is an 8 hour online course for people at any level, in any sector, that will boost business performance and staff motivation. Simply by showing how everyone can enhance their safety, health and wellbeing through everyday behaviours


8 hours

Who should do this course?

This course is suitable for employees across a range of workplaces.

What will the participant learn?

  • Why it is important to work safely
  • The definition of hazards and risks
  • Common Workplace hazards
  • How to improve safety performance

How does it work?

Enrol and learn online. On completion of the online modules we’ll send you the assessment tests to test your knowledge and learning outcomes. If you are successful you’ll receive a certificate in working safely

Active monitoring

As part of good safety management, employers should monitor staff to ensure that they are putting their training into practise.