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Businesses urged to heed health and safety warning

28 May 2018

Health and Safety Warning

Companies and businesses across Dublin could be facing hefty fines and compensation claims. They could even face imprisonment if they only pay lip service to Health & Safety, an expert has warned.

Shane Lynam, Design Risk Management (DRM) said: “When it comes to Health & Safety management, ticking a box with once-off, limited training doesn’t go far enough to improve safety culture. “Safety training should be ongoing and forming good habits in the workplace,” said Mr Lynam. “Everyone deserves to be able to work safely. No one should be hurt or killed in their workplace. “You can’t expect people to form good manual handling habits if the only real engagement they have with a trainer is a three­ hour session every three years. “There needs to be follow up and support Management.”

Who can help?

Booterstown-based Design Risk Management is one of the leading Health & Safety training companies in Ireland. The company works with major companies such as insomnia, REISS, Dunwoody and Dobson, Tesco, Aldi, Marks & Spencer, Portmarnock Golf Club, Johnny Foxes Pub, Castle Brands,JC Walsh Marble, Purcell Construction, M&P Construction and many more. DRM through its eLEARN series of courses can help business owners and managers stay out of court and avoid big fines and claims for compensation by staff.

In recent court actions taken by the authorities under Health & Safety legislation a company was fined €750,000 at Tralee Circuit Court while in a different case in Mayo a company was fined €300,000 for a fatality in the workplace. “These are typical of the kind of fines employers can face for contravention of Health & Safety regulations,” said Mr Lynam.

Online Training

“That is to say nothing of compensation claims which can be lodged by workers for injuries at work.” DRM has introduced a series of online training courses which will help companies meet their Health & Safety responsibilities while ensuring they stay on the right side of the law. And because eLEARN is online, people in remote locations who can’t make it to central locations for courses, means they can benefit  by just logging in. “Online training is a great way for having people refreshed,” said Mr Lynam. “You are buying a course online but you are also getting the expertise and knowledge that comes with that. “We are the experts in what we do and can make a business owner’s life a whole lot easier if they use our service.”

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