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Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Diversity is having a culture that values uniqueness: people of different backgrounds, cultures, genders, and races. Inclusion means inviting diverse groups to take part in company life. But there’s a third critical piece: belonging. It’s belonging that makes each individual feel accepted for who they are. Explore the diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) approach.

In this eLearning course we will explore the need for diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace,  how to build a diverse workplace, your role in this, how to check your unconscious bias and also how to take on an ally role.


In this microlearning course we will look at: 

  • What is Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging?
  • Building a Diverse Workplace
  • Creating a Culture of Diversity & Belonging
  • Supporting Employee Resource Groups
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Being an Ally


Approx. 1 hr

Who should do this course?

  • Employers and Employees who need to gain an understanding of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, in the workplace.
  • Those who need to build a diverse workplace.
  • Anyone working around people.


How does it work?

You work through eight modules.  All participants must take part in an assessment consisting of 5 multiple choice questions. A grade of 80% is required in order to pass the assessment. If you don’t pass, then there is no need to worry as you can re-take as many times as you need.