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Fire Safety for Kids this Halloween

31 October 2018

Fire Safety for Kids

Do you know what to do in the event of an out of control fire? Do you’re kids know? Taking fire safety precautions for yourself and your kids is vital but don’t forget to also education them about the importance of fire safety so they are able to carry out their own fire safety practises. its a vital skill to teach your children.

This Halloween night is the perfect time to talk with your kids, especially if they are attending or involved with organising a bonfire.


Put out the fire

Having a plan on place to put out a fire is vital, however also is showing your kids how to use the method you have selected. Most people will opt for a fire extinguisher, here are the simple steps you can go over with them;

  1. Pull the pin – release the pin with the nozzle pointing away from you
  2. Aim low – aim at the base of the fire not the flames its-self to suffocate the flames
  3. Squeeze the lever slowly and carefully – so as to avoid control loss
  4. Move the nozzle slowly from side to side – covering the surface where the fire is.

Teaching your kids these basic steps may prevent a bad situation and may even save lives. If there is no fire extinguisher to hand, the following is a list of alternatives that are suitable to grab;

  • Salt – this disperses heat and minimises oxygen supply to a fire
  • Baking soda – the powder substance smothers the fuel and cools the fire at the base of the flame
  • Bucket of water – smothers the oxygen
  • Bucket of sand – also smothers the oxygen

Although these are good to know alternatives to extinguish a fire, a conventional fire extinguisher is recommended to use where-ever possible.


Escape route Plan

Never put yourself in a position where if the fire spreads you have no route away from it. Ideally you should designate two ways away. Escape routes should be kept clear of all obstructions. Generally escape routes should be at least one meter wide which will ideally lead to an outside open space away from the building or the fire location. Security should never take precedence over safety.

When planning a fire, or not. All premises and events should have an escape plan that clearly identifies the action people should take in the event of a fire. This may include duties for an assigned fire officer to check areas are clear, close doors and assist others.


Stop, Drop and Roll

In the event that someone or your kids do catch on fire, its essential to teach them what to do in this event. Make sure they understand the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’ procedure. Act it out with them and have them practise it a few times with you, the action should be quick and firm. Many fire related injuries could be avoided or greatly minimised if a child knows how to do this instead of the natural instinct of running.

Please keep yourself and your kids safe particularly this Halloween!