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Benefits of Elearning

22 October 2018

The way we learn, consume and digest information is forever changing and improving. Elearning has significantly changed the way we learn and we teach. There are many benefits of Elearning for students;

1. Independence & Flexibility 

Lectures can be taken be taken at your own pace, you define your own speed. Its a very convenient and flexible option, you don’t have to depend on anyone. Lectures are not going to be canceled or rescheduled as with some classroom environments. Unlike classrooms, if you miss the day or hour of that lesson being taught, unfortunately you have just missed it. With elearning you can take the class any day at any time at your own pace.

2. Quick delivery of Lessons

Lessons start up and finish quickly compared to a traditional classroom setting. Lessons are kept on track, there is no set up and winding down period. This allows the individual to complete a series of lessons or a course much quicker. Learners learn what they need to know and can skip elements of the subject matter that they don’t need to learn, saving more time.

3. Lectures can be taken multiple times

If you didn’t understand something or found the lesson confusing in any way, you can go back and keep learning until you fully understand, then you can move onto the next lesson. There is ongoing access to key resources. 

4. Content is not stale or outdated

Depending on the subject, lecturers might not be up to date with the latest content or technology as they are not working in the industry. Because of the competition in the Elearning industry it has set very high standards for courses. 

5. Reduced cost and time and travel

The biggest cost of training and courses in organisations and individuals is the cost of attending the training course, rather then the direct delivery costs in terms of trainers, course materials, travel and time.  This is especially evident with companies or individuals working or living in remote locations.  There is also a reduction in cost for breaks and meals; For breaks the cost of your time might be better spent on something else especially if its a night course and you are trying to get home. You may go to a cafe or buy lunch or dinner during a break which are sometimes unexpected costs. 

6. Environment

Digital learning is an effective way to significantly reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint by up to 90%. It cuts down on travel, eliminates the need for paper or textbooks, and reduces the resources needed to maintain a facility, accommodation and equipment.