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Vehicles continue to be the biggest killers on Irish Farms

21 June 2018

Vehicles continue to be the biggest killers on Irish Farms. Quad fatalities represent 19% of all farm vehicle fatalities the past 10 years (2008 – 2017)

75% of those that suffered fatal quad accidents were aged 60 years or older and over 25% were aged between 20-49 years of age.

In general roll-over bars are not provided with Quads because traditional roll over bar design depended for its effectiveness on the operator wearing a seat belt otherwise there was a risk of the thrown operator being struck by the bars in the event of a roll over.

More recently roll-over protection devices have appeared on the market designed for use with Quads with one of which has been certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Communities Machinery Directive and the Authority has been asked for its view on these devices. Fitting of CE Marked Roll-Over Protection Devices (ROPs), now available on the market for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or Quads, is at the discretion of the owner/operator.

The Health and Safety Authority does not have sufficient information at this time to form a view on the effectiveness of these novel designs and thus is not issuing an instruction or recommendation in respect of such devices.