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Understanding People in the Workplace Environment

24 May 2024

Understanding people in the workplace environment is essential if we are to achieve a safe workplace. In reality, accidents in the workplace are ‘people’ problems. At some point in any work-related situation, immediate or distant, people and decisions were involved. Undoubtedly, it is the task of modern safety management systems to recognise that fact. Consequently, the opportunities for mistakes and the harm that can arise when they are made should be minimised.

To err is human. We all make mistakes. Awareness of our limitations is needed before we can set up systems successfully which take those limitations into account and maximise safety efforts in any workplace.


Behavioural factors

Understanding behavioural factors, or as often referred to as ‘human factors’ are essential in understanding people in the workplace environment. These factors which may affect human performance include:

  • Perceptual, mental and physical capabilities of people.
  • Interaction of people with their organisations, jobs and working environment.
  • Influence of equipment and systems design on human performance.
  • Organisational characteristics which influence safety-related behaviour.
  • Social and inherited characteristics of people.

Modern techniques of managing safety and health incorporate best practice within them so as to produce and influence a positive safety culture.


Promotion of a Positive Safety Culture

Promoting and fostering positive attitudes to safety and health can be done by:

  • Effective communication. Passing information to and from, and regular consultation with the employees.
  • Achieving a positive commitment to safety by senior management that is both real and visible.
  • Maintaining good training standards.
  • Maintaining good working environments with a high potential for safe working conditions to be achieved.

All these can be, and must be, found within organisations committed to a high standard of excellence in safety and health at work.


Maintaining Good Training Standards

Training for health and safety is not an end in itself, rather, it is a means to an end. With this in mind, a few conditions need to be present for any safety training to be successful:

  • The active commitment, support and interest of management,
  • Necessary finance and organisation to provide the opportunity for learning to take place, and
  • The availability of suitable expertise in the subject.

eLearn Safety is a training organisation which provides high quality online, blended and face-to-face safety training courses. To this end,  eLearn Safety program development and delivery is driven by customer service values where the learner is able to engage in the learning process however and wherever they want. In addition, all eLearn Safety staff are highly trained and receive ongoing CPD. A number of fully online Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety courses is available through eLearn Safety courses website page.

Safety is not just for the workplace. Safety is part of everyday life; from first aid to food safety, these skills improve the quality of life not only in the workplace but at home and in the community.

In addition to eLearn Safety courses, there is a number of available workplace safety information available online. For example, the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) provides a wealth of information about the topic via their Workplace Health website page. Additionally, Citizens Information offers a number of relevant information via their website page Health and safety at work.


Understanding People in the Workplace Environment – Why does it Matter?

The main health and safety regulations in Ireland are the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 and Safety, Health and welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007. The Act 2005 applies to employers, employees and the self-employed. Indeed, this is done in the interest of securing a preventive approach to occupational health and safety. In addition, the GA Regulations 2007 outline the specific workplace safety matters.

Many specific pieces of health and safety legislation contain requirements to provide training for employees engaged in certain tasks. However, it should be noted that there is a general duty placed on employers to ensure that all employees are trained and provided with information, instruction and supervision as necessary to ensure their health and safety so far as is reasonably practicable.

The support of management demonstrates the presence of the environment into which the trained person can return and exercise new skills and knowledge. The management team also demonstrates support by setting good examples. Workers are most likely to stop obeying safety rules if supervisors and managers are known to ignore them.


Online Health and Safety Training

Proactive Health and Safety training is critical to ensure a safe workplace. An effective training program can reduce the number of worker injuries and deaths. It can also reduce instances of property damage, legal liability, illnesses, and missed time from work.

Health and Safety training helps establish a culture in which employees themselves help promote proper safety procedures while on the job. It is important that new employees be properly trained and embrace the importance of workplace safety. The role of training in developing and maintaining effective hazard control activities is a proven and successful method of intervention.

This is why we have established Myelearnsafety school. We pride ourselves in how we guide, support and mentor our students. They receive support throughout their learning experience and into their working lives. Our staff have extensive training experience and also have many years industry experience. We understand the challenges that exist within Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Our priority is to ensure that all learners are fully prepared to differentiate themselves in the workplace after completing our Health and Safety courses.

Myelearnsafety offers fully online Health and Safety courses.

To find out more, please check our Courses page.

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