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Health and Safety Myths

Health and Safety Myths

Health and Safety

There are so many health and safety misconceptions out there.  Employers and employees are not aware of how important health and safety is in the workplace. Here are five myths about health and safety in work.

Myth 1 

“HSA inspectors are just looking to catch people out and issue fines”.

Myth 2

“Health and safety will cost me and my business money”.

Myth 3 

“Health and safety is just more red tape hindering business”

Myth 4 

Manual handling? You mean spending a day being told how to lift a box? What a waste of time”

Myth 5 

“So many things to get banned because of health and safety. It’s the state gone mad”.

We all have a responsibility to protect and be protected in the workplace. These myths are not true and health and safety in the workplace is to safeguard you and is your legal right. Contact us for more details about all of our courses.