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Recommendations for workers in fear in the workplace

31 May 2018

Speaking up in the workplace

Workers should not be in fear to speak up in their workplace if they think something is not safe. They have a right to a safe workplace and it is up to the employer to create this environment.

Employees often experience injuries or see hazards and do not know what to do or they are afraid of the repercussions. There should always be a plan in place and the employee should be aware of it.  Every employer should ensure so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety, health and welfare at work of their employees.

Here are some of the pain points that an employee faces if they are in fear to communicate what is happening in work.

  • Accepting pain as part of the job.
  • Not wanting to be labeled a “complainer”.
  • Believing home treatment would be sufficient.
  • Not being sure if the injury was work-related.
  • Fearing the loss of future or current jobs.
  • Not being able to afford time off without pay to see a doctor.
  • Not wanting to lose out on the safety incentive for no lost work time.

Employees should know their rights and be aware of The Safety and Health at Work Act 2005. This is in place to protect both the employer and employee. It is the duty of the employer to comply with this law. Health and Safety training course should be undertaken by all. Trust is very important and managers need to show they genuinely care by telling workers, “I want to know about problems so we can deal with them before somebody gets hurt in the workplace”.

Take an online safety course today and never be afraid to speak up in work no matter what!