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Pressure and Gas at Work

13 October 2023

Pressure and gas at work from a mains supply can be very dangerous. Gas from mains is an explosive hazard if not used correctly. In addition, poorly maintained systems can cause death from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is important to make sure anyone employed to work on gas appliances is a Registered Gas Installer (RGI). According to Gas Networks Ireland:

“A Registered Gas Installer is an installer or service engineer who has completed the required gas installation safety training, who has the necessary insurance to carry out gas installations to the legal standard and who is registered with the Register of Gas Installers of Ireland.”

You should never use an unregistered gas installer to carry out work on your gas appliances, such as gas boilers, no matter how seemingly convenient or tempting it may be. Not even if this unregistered engineer is Daniel O’Donnell.


Pressure Systems

A pressure vessel is a container that holds a liquid or gas under pressure. A pressure system is one or more such vessels including associated pipework. Examples of pressure systems include compressed air systems, boilers, steam heating systems and autoclaves. If a pressure system fails during operation it can kill or injure people in the area. In addition, a significant damage to the property can happen due to impact from the blast, debris from the explosion and fire from escaping flammable gases or liquids.


Gas Cylinders

Gas cylinders can cause the same injuries as pressure vessels should the cylinder fail or be damaged. In addition, they can cause manual handling injuries from lifting and carrying heavy cylinders and crush injuries should cylinders fail.

Basic handling precautions include:

  • Securing cylinders upright so they do not fall.
  • Keeping cylinders away from fire.
  • Making sure cylinders are not dropped or banged.
  • Moving larger cylinders with a special hand truck rather than dragging or rolling them.
  • Always checking the identity of the gas before using it.

The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland (HSA) has a useful information page about gas titled Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Storage.

General Pressure and Gas at Work Controls

General controls when pressure and gas at work are in question include:

  • Regular maintenance and correct repair from a competent person.
  • Safe systems of work.
  • Training and supervision.


Online Health and Safety Training

Proactive Health and Safety training is critical to ensure a safe workplace. An effective training program can reduce the number of worker injuries and deaths. It can also reduce instances of property damage, legal liability, illnesses, and missed time from work.

Health and Safety training helps establish a culture in which employees themselves help promote proper safety procedures while on the job. It is important that new employees be properly trained and embrace the importance of workplace safety. The role of training in developing and maintaining effective hazard control activities is a proven and successful method of intervention.

This is why we have established Myelearsafety school. We pride ourselves in how we guide, support and mentor our students. They receive support throughout their learning experience and into their working lives. Our staff have extensive training experience and also have many years industry experience. We understand the challenges that exist within Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Our priority is to ensure that all learners are fully prepared to differentiate themselves in the workplace after completing our Health and Safety courses.

Myelearnsafety offers fully online Health and Safety courses.

To find out more, please check our Courses page.

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