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What is the No 1 Rule of an Employer?

9 May 2018

Look after your employees and they will look after your Business. A happy employee is a more productive employee

There are so many reasons to look after your employees in the work place and make sure that they are happy.

Research suggests that a happy person works better and lives better. It’s a stressful world around us and sometimes it can be difficult to stay happy in all aspects of life, and to get a good work-life balance. Of course, working better can further improve your employees’ happiness if it leads to promotions or pay rises. So why not make them happy and look after their wellbeing. In return you should see your own benefits with reduced absence management levels.

So how can you look after their health and wellbeing at work?

  1. Talk: It’s a simple action done all day – but the important part is talking about what matters. It can help hugely in general wellbeing to just learn to let it out and deal with those times with others, rather than alone no matter how small. Everyone has moments when they feel overwhelmed and sometimes it helps to just talk to someone.
  2. Eat Well: The better your employees eat the better they will feel about themselves and everything around them, mentally and physically. Provide a free fruit day in the office to promote healthy eating.
  3. Have fun with friends and family: Spend time with those you are close too, encourage laughing as it is infectious!
  4. Stay Active: Employees don’t need to run marathons but they can just go outside and take a stroll. They’ll get fresh air, they’ll get exercise and they’ll enjoy the sun (when it’s there!). There are experts that believe exercise releases chemicals in the body that make people feel good – so go grab those walking shoes!
  5. Do something you love: It doesn’t matter what it is just something it!
  6. Sleep: People do not get enough of this; there is always something that needs to be done, something they want to watch on TV, but trying to ensure and encourage your employees to  get enough sleep is essential in their wellbeing.


Everyone deserves to get the most out of themselves and their life and it’s amazing how one thing can affect everything else around you in your personal and professional life.

Always have a health and safety plan in place because you never know when you will need to put this plan into action. Educate and inform employees of the dangers in a work place.

Are you safety aware in the work place?

Take a moment to think about how your employees look after their wellbeing and what you do as a company to help.