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Do you know the space requirements in your office?

22 May 2018

Are you happy with your office space in work? Do you know your space requirements in order to work in a safe environment both physically and mentally!

Well first of all what is a workspace,  any location where a person’s work is performed, including traditional office spaces and non-traditional office spaces (e.g., home offices, vehicles, and temporary locations), as well as the furniture, accessories, equipment, environmental conditions, and psychosocial workplace factors within these locations.

There is no right and wrong answers to office space requirements but here are some aspects to consider when thinking about office space:

Nature of work – what kind of work do you do? Are you out on the field, doing site visits, consultations or confined to the office all day long. Depending on the kind of job specification the difference in size of office space. Office workers who perform their job at their workstation all of the time may feel that a smaller work space claustrophobic.

Cultural aspects influence out perception of the type of space that we expect and are comfortable working in. For Europeans adequate personal space is a factor.

A corporate climate – our perception of a designated space is a matter of comparison. Employees generally accept the fact that those at more senior levels have a bigger work station or office space. Although this is changing with more open plan offices, sharing work stations and office space.

Individual perception is different for everyone and can have a psychological meaning. It is only natural for people to look for more comfortable space. It might signify importance, authority or power. In the workplace the amount of our personal space is often linked with out status within the organisation.

Anthropometry or body dimensions is a factor that has to be taken into consideration for an employees office space. So it really depends on the size and shape of an employee in order for the company  to accommodate.

It is very important for us at Elearn to make sure that you work in a comfortable working environment. We are always here to train you and your staff to be health and safety aware and get certified. Take the VDU Online Work Stations Analysis course and evaluate your health and safety at your work station.