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Free Poster – CPL Regulation Classification and Labelling

7 February 2019

We at Elearn are always looking to share valuable information with our followers. The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland have a handy poster that explains the classification and labelling and packaging of chemical substances. This Poster clearly explains the elements of The CPL Regulation.


What is The CPL Regulation?

The GHS has been implemented in the EU by Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (the ‘CLP Regulation’). The CLP Regulation entered into force on 20 January 2009. The deadline for substance classification according to the new rules was 1 December 2010; for mixtures, the deadline is 1 June 2015. The CLP Regulation replaces previous rules on classification, labelling and packaging of substances (Directive 67/548/EEC) and preparations (Directive 1999/45/EC) after this transitional period.

In line with the GHS standard, CLP allows for the identification of hazardous chemicals and the communication of these hazards to users through labelling. It also provides the basis for safety data sheets (SDS) regulated under the REACH Regulation, and sets requirements for the packaging of hazardous chemicals.

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Poster Link – CLP Poster 1 (A4 size) – Classification and Labelling elements

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