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Fire Safety

11 October 2021

To comply with the Fire Safety Regulations 1981-2003, every building must have a Fire Register in place to record all matters relating to fire safety within each  building

The following documentation should be maintained in the fire register:


  • Names of Fire Marshals
  • Certificates of fire safety training completed by
  • Records of fire safety
  • Fire alarm deactivation log
  • Fire Extinguisher Inventory
  • Emergency evacuation records and any other supporting
  • Dockets and certificates relating to the maintenance of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire hydrants and fire
  • Plans of the building, fire alarm and emergency lighting


Safe Working Guidelines – Fire Prevention


All occupants and employees are required to maintain a high standard of housekeeping. All materials and equipment should be maintained within their designated storage area / location, waste must be removed regularly, and dust should be removed from the vents of equipment to prevent overheating.


  • Never block a fire exit, escape route, fire extinguisher or fire alarm call
  • Always report any fire hazards to the Facilities Manager, for example, visible signs of overheating on plugs.
  • Never overload sockets or use damaged electrical
  • Personal electrical equipment should not be used unless it has been PAT
  • Minimum amounts of flammable materials should be stored. Highly flammable materials should not be purchased unless absolutely
  • Follow all emergency
  • All hot-works must be controlled by the Permit to Work


If you need assistance with Fire Safety Training We’d be glad to help.